Beyond Mind .Space

It's just you and your breath... and pure emptiness. Here and now.


Learn how to tame unruly thoughts and befriend your mind.


A transformation journey to assist you to move into life’s ever-resplendent flow.


Fearlessly and purposefully take the next step on your path.

Thank you for BEing… 
here + now

This space has been created to encourage you to stop for just a moment, let everything be, focus on your breath, make space for absolutely nothing…

…and perhaps reach beyond what you perceive as “mind”.
~ Waves of infinite joy ~


You are the Key

Client Testimonials

For more than a year, I’d been feeling a bit frustrated over a transition in my life. This was the best kick up the butt… I really needed it, and I’ve already put your advice into action. Thank you.


MindSpace allowed me to expand. I would recommend the programme to everyone, especially those who are feeling stuck or at a crossroads in their lives!


You bring truth into our midst, and sometimes I don’t want truth so I might get an energy block up. I appreciate you and the fortitude you stand in. I look forward to another disarming session in the spiritual boxing ring.


Really like your fresh perspective. Very inspirational!