Make Space for the Unknown

Tanya ~ Psychic Life Coach Medium Mentor at BeyondMind.Space

Feeling in the new. Expect calm and stability; yet be gentle with yourself as it is still a “sensitive” time.
These incoming energies are asking to be accepted and recognized. Make space for them…

Make space for the unknown.

Make space for ways of BEing that have never before been.
It takes true courage to be open to something which is so new; that which is currently not comprehensible by mass consciousness/mind.
Yet, to be open to expand consciousness and allow yourself to be a clear vehicle (body, heart and mind) for these new energies to play out, takes great strength and courage.
It involves taking a step back, keeping an open mind, and listening to the voice of your heart.
For these energies are making themselves known, and are “speaking” through the heart chakra; bypassing the conditioned self (egoic structure of past and future).

The commitment required will be to remain focused…

To not be distracted by messages or structures that are based on egoic fear and greed.
Show compassion for those who are still held by these “structures”, but by no means feel obliged to engage with them. Nor is it necessary to continue to enable them in their “old” way of being.
This means being willing to let go of outdated roles that you have been playing, and that no longer define you.
It is up to us, to stand strong at this “time”, to trust and have faith that…
All is well.

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