Rise Above

Reflecting on the current state of the world and the seeming “chaos”… As humans, with the ability to cognize, make rational decisions, and learn from the past, we’ve been given a wonderful opportunity.
It’s how we respond in the face of uncertainty that gives us an idea of evolution, both personally / spiritually and collectively, as a species.
We can choose to respond to this relatively short-term (in the greater scheme of things) COVID-19 curveball from a place of love; or we can choose to fearfully react (becoming overly neurotic, anxious, or depressed). It’s a fine line to walk, and a balance that can be maintained.
Being affected by the virus and experiencing loss is inevitable.
As much as we all like to think and believe, we are never truly in “control”.
Along with all those other illusory labels (like “religion”, “race”, “culture” etc), which engender separation, this latest pandemic is a reminder that borders are just an illusion.

      There is only ONE Earth.
…and we’re all in this together.

So my request to you is to RISE above fear of the unknown.
There’s only one way out, and it’s through!
Shine on beautiful BEings ~ •
PS If you’re self-isolating, what better opportunity to use this “retreat” to begin (or re-establish) your mindfulness / meditation practise. Techniques and tips can be downloaded here.
And here are some reflection-worthy reads:


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