Reclaim Your Power

Many thoughts rear their not-so-pretty heads when we feel a sense of helplessness.  When we’re affected by events beyond our control, we tend to feel “out of control”.
Worry, fear, and anxiety may consume more of our headspace than we’d care to admit.  They may have already kicked out peace of mind, and taken up permanent residence.

First off is defining what “control” means.  It’s different for each of us.

For some, control may be exerting undue force, power or influence over others in an effort to be, and remain, in power and control.  This is “control” at its most negative and destructive, as it suppresses and impedes the free will of others.
Some of us may need to constantly make plans, or want to know what’s going to happen next.  This brings assurance of a future and continued life.  Excessive thoughts about a future, that hasn’t happened, robs us of the gratitude and joy which could be experienced in the present moment; the wonder of Life as it is now.
We can see that issues arise when a need to be in control borders on the extreme.  This may not be obvious to us, as we have a tendency to be blinded by our own beliefs and conditioning.
Yet, a certain amount of control is beneficial.  It provides stability and structure.  It forms the basis of positive characteristics like self-discipline, determination, and perseverance.
Combined with flexibility, control gives us the space needed to visualize and create.  A balance between the two helps to keep us motivated, and to achieve goals.
Now, apply these positive benefits of control, taking into account the wellbeing of all species who call Earth their home.
How wonderful, peaceful and harmonious would life on this plane be when we unite in thought, word, and action by respecting and honoring all that makes up “Life”?

Where do we begin?

The only place we have true authority and control… with ourselves.

There’s a fine balance to be maintained.

The first place to start is to become mindful of who, or what, you’re paying unnecessary attention to. That’s where you may be inadvertently giving your power away.
Is it the news and media? Social media? Specific groups or organizations with a hidden agenda? Your inbox? Fearful or negative relatives and friends?
How does seeing, reading, and hearing fear-based messages or stories make you feel?
What’s the effect of the same messages or stories on repeat?  Again…  and again…  and again.
Anything that promotes fear and separation from others; and which stirs up extreme emotion (particularly hatred) causes an internal imbalance.  You’re left feeling helpless, out of control, and disempowered.

Instead, reclaim your power.

Here are some tips to get you started:
  • Question the sincerity and intent of a message, group or institution. What is the purpose or agenda?  Do the words and actions align to the vision and mission?  Is it to balance and unite, or promote separation?

  • Be mindful of what you welcome into your life.  You have control over what you feel and think; and how you choose to act accordingly.

  • Center yourself. Literally.
    Preferably outside, in your closest version of Nature, take your shoes off. With feet flat on the ground, adjust your weight slightly (either by shifting forward or backward), so that you feel equal weight on the heels and balls of your feet. Ensure your knees are not locked, let them be “soft” – with a very slight bend. Your pelvis should be neutral; neither tilted forward nor back. With straight spine, tuck your chin in slightly and relax your shoulders. Relax your arms at your sides. For a moment, just focus on your breath. Notice how much calmer and clearer you feel after only a few minutes.

When you have reclaimed your power, you will calmly and compassionately respond vs. react from ego-based conditioning and fear.

You will then be a cause of welcome change for the benefit of all.

Earth calls for us to reclaim our power, individually and as a species; to maintain harmony within, and to think and act wisely, with love and compassion.
Now is the time.
~ Tanya
PS A regular mindfulness or meditation practise will keep you balanced and empowered.

Download your guide with helpful practise tips and techniques here.

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