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Take The Mask Off

Much has been brought to light since COVID-19 began to weave it’s way across the world.

Not one person on this earth has been unaffected; we have all changed to some degree.
We have seen that the things we tend to cling to, and which previously defined us, are without any true substance, and don’t guarantee happiness.
If it wasn’t quite obvious before, what has been made abundantly clear is the increased need for respect and tolerance of each and every single diverse being on this planet…

We’re all in this together!

Many of us have also been reminded of the meaning and importance of love – expressed and shared.
Now that some parts of the world are returning to a semblance of “normal”, what exactly does that mean?
The previously “normal” foundation has proven to be unreliable; and old parts of it are still standing, albeit on shaky ground.

Where do we go to from here?
What will we choose to re-build again?
Will we choose something different this time round?

New paths are being laid down before us; and no one has walked any of these paths before.
Now is a wonderful opportunity to take a new and unknown path. It’s up to you to have courage and faith, and to tread where your heart leads you.
Part of the new normal (for now at least) is that face masks are compulsory in public places. Yet, the first thing that most people do, once they’ve made their hasty exit, is take off their protective masks. The symbolism of this action does not escape me.
Perhaps one of the blessings (if you dig deep enough you will find one!) of COVID-19 is that it’s given us an opportunity to take off the fake masks, and to be comfortable with who we are. It’s allowed us to realize that…

We don’t always have to “be in control”
or “have it together”
… it’s ok to be vulnerable.

With this in mind, I’m going to share with you what has come to light for me, and how my version of reality has shifted drastically.
I have always felt different, but I rationalized this by thinking to myself, “We’re all unique.”
In seemingly one split second, every single moment of my past 41 years held a very different meaning. All at once, my previous version of reality shattered.
Through a series of synchronous events, what dawned on me is that I am on the autism spectrum. I am what would have previously been regarded as “Aspergers”.
Now that I was seeing through unfiltered lenses, all the memories of the past puzzle fell into place and made extraordinary sense.
After my initial moment of incredulity began to wear off, I experienced an utter sense of relief.
The next thing that happened was that I literally thanked G-D for my +25 years of meditation practise, which helps me process life more objectively, and from a higher point of view.

I finally know and accept that I have never been “normal” (neurotypical).

With this new understanding and awareness, I now have greater compassion for myself. I no longer need to place unrealistic expectations on myself. I no longer need to try so desperately hard to fit in and appear “normal”. And even better? I know that I am not alone.
I have now come to realize that there are others in the world whose “different” is similar to mine; and even so, not one person on the autism spectrum has the exact same characteristics.
There are also others like myself who weren’t diagnosed early on, and who are also just waking up to their new version of reality.
So regardless of whether you’re neurodiverse or neurotypical, if you’ve ever been afraid of revealing who you truly are…

You can take the mask off now.

Whilst I’m on the subject, I’m going to reveal another aspect of myself. Here’s where the saying, “The truth is stranger than fiction,” comes to mind…
I’m a psychic medium.
Part of this involves assisting Spirit in relaying messages to those on the physical realm; as well as helping “lost” souls through their experience, and guiding them to where they need to be.

So what’s my message to you?
There’s really no time left to continue to
invest energy into being anything
other than your true self.
It’s time to start living
a life that is true for you.

This of course means letting go of conditioned thinking and ways of being; those old patterns and beliefs that perpetuate the ego self.
So recently, I was going through some past notes, and I came across this one I shared on 1 August 2010 – almost 10 years prior to writing this.
The timelessness of this post was a lovely reminder and a joy to re-read.
I hope that whatever you’re experiencing in your reality now, that this will find a place within your heart…
~ ~ ~

Time Out – 1 August 2010

Yesterday I took a much needed time out day.
Each day has felt like a week now. Each moment, an eternal flow to the next.
Aside from this, the previous month has been full of constantly ringing phones, and seemingly constantly moaning people! There was just so much noise in my external and internal world that I didn’t have enough space to just “be”.
“Be-ing” involved a day of silence.
A day of spending time behind my bedroom door and pottering, napping, reading; and at some stages, just staring at the wall – seemingly doing nothing.
And this “nothingness” is actually quite something.
Doing nothing is BEING. Making time to explore the heart and mind. Allowing and accepting what comes and goes.
My day ended in a relaxing, cleansing Himalayan salt bath. Soaking underneath the water in a space of silence.
My time out days allow me to go within; to block out all noise and distraction and to…

FEEL the silence.
ACCEPT the silence.
BE the silence.

To sit still and just be. To observe and to just listen to that “nothingness”. And even though it feels like nothing, it is a wondrous action that deserves more credit and attention.
For it is the awakening, the growing and the nurturing of the Higher Self. And with regular practise, your Higher Self will come to the fore and be ever more present.
So don’t delay. Take some time out. Be still and listen… today.
Waves of LoVe ~
– Tanya
~ ~

PS With deep gratitude and love to JMG, Catriona, Terese and Kath. How blessed I am that who you are (your Light), allowed me to come to the full realization and acceptance of who I am. Thank you!
PPS For those at the beginning of your autism realization, I found the following resources to be most helpful:

Aside from a tremendous amount of books and YouTube videos available, here are two of many wonderful leaders in the field:

And these two sources are lovely, quirky, and to the point:

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