Powerful Post-its

I was scrolling down my Instagram feed, being reminded of precious moments…

This was at the Design Indaba Expo in Cape Town in 2012. There was a big design installation – a central wall with Post-it notes – where visitors were invited to add their ideas to the wall.

The question asked was something like, “What future do you see?”

My response was…



I was contemplating how, by having a positive seed/s of intent firmly planted within our hearts, we each have the opportunity to create a reality (and the collective power to create a world) with Love at its core.
I’m talking about BIG and BOLD Love with a capital “L”; unconditional and willing to serve.
This Love may represent part of a trio, magically interweaving with Power and Wisdom.
This Power is not intent on controlling and forcing; nor seeking attention, praise or recognition.
This Wisdom comes from letting go of what is learned and “known” (the old story), and in courageously embracing and walking the unknown.
I see these three elements (Love, Power and Wisdom) – or perhaps characteristics or manifestations of G-D / Creation / The All / DAO etc – as being part of our True Selves with just one wish… to express ITSELF through our pure hearts.
With that in mind, some questions for self-reflection and/or sharing…

  • If your heart was a Post-it note, what positive reminder would you write on it?

  • Or, put another way, what seed/s have you planted within your heart?

  • How do you nourish those seeds each day?

  • And, in this now-moment, what wishes to be expressed through your beautiful heart into our beloved world?

Thank you for BEing here now, and for expressing yourself so beautifully, just as you are.

WaVeS of LoVe ~ •
💗 🌿


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