From a young age, I could see and “feel” potential pathways laid out before me, and where each would lead. This helps me choose in the full knowing which path is the best one at any given moment in time. This ability also brings me the necessary willpower to change direction at a moment’s notice.
Tanya ~ Psychic Life Coach and Medium at BeyondMind.Space
Sometimes along the way, fear would surface and say, “Hey! Remember me?”

My response would be to face fear head on. I ended up doing things I would never have dreamed of.

I gave up long hours sitting at a desk, and the comfort of a regular paycheck. I started to follow the whisperings of my heart – what I truly desired, and what “spoke to me”. I travelled to countries and places I’d never before thought of going to, with no itinerary nor fixed plan.

Warning! Tangent ahead…

Nothing excites me more than the unknown and the thought of change. It’s the Nature of Life. A famous paradox is, “the only thing that is constant is change itself.”
We’re here to evolve; each one of us personally, and collectively as a species. How quickly we do that is up to each of us.
Yet the sooner we shift up to greater heights, and experience true freedom, the greater the benefit to those around us, and to the entire world.

What I craved the most was freedom; and especially a sense of freedom from everything that entailed being in physical form. High adrenalin activities involving speed; and bungy jumping, paragliding and skydiving served to heighten my desire. After these experiences, there was really nothing else left for me to fear… except maybe boredom 🙂

To keep myself entertained, I used to set goals and create challenges for myself just to overcome those. Yes, seriously.

I soon realized that I took comfort from being uncomfortable, and I had inadvertently created a new comfort zone. Another paradox!

What’s that I hear you say?

“Own worst enemy.”

Maybe there’s some truth to that…
…but that’s where we all have something in common.

Our comfort zones may vary by degree, but our “enemies” (our small, conditioned selves aka our egos) all have the same agenda…
Tanya ~ Psychic Life Coach and Medium at BeyondMind.Space
They want to be in control, to keep us fearful and confined to the sugar-coated “safety” of our self-imposed limitations (or prisons with invisible bars). Whoever thought one would find safety and comfort in a prison? Sounds like madness to me!

What I did learn is that these limitations can come in many forms, and some are more subtle and harder to recognise than others.

And now?

I have accepted and made peace with the word BALANCE. Yay!

I live my truth vs. a watered-down version of myself as defined by societal expectations, and others’ limited perspectives (projections).

I enjoy the wonderful thing called “Life”.
No drama. No judgments. Simple. Easy. Flowing. Free…
… and my greatest wish for you is that you will experience your own version of freedom.

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