I am a Psychic Medium, and have been guided by the Spirit realm since childhood.

I hold a BA (Hons) Psychology Degree and draw upon my experience as a Master Life Coach, Raja Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Angel Therapy® Practitioner, and Reiki Master for an holistic view and understanding of body, mind and soul.

I’ve developed and taught courses since 2005, working with clients one-on-one and in groups. My yoga and meditation teaching naturally evolved over the years, and 2014 saw the transition into my coaching practise.

In 2016 I developed my first transformation coaching method, heartSPACE; published “YOGA: an adventure of a lifetime”; and studied an incredibly powerful method involving “rewiring” neurons in the brain, called Brainworking Recursive Therapy.

What I learned from my near death experience is that “death” is not an end; merely a shift and transformation of energy… and it’s this energy that makes up Life.

My experience has given me a greater understanding and awareness of Life.

It has helped me guide my clients to overcome fear and self-doubt, and to find deeper meaning and purpose to their lives.

It will be a great honor to connect with you now, and assist you on your Life’s journey 🌟

~ Tanya

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