BeyondMind Life Coaching

Tanya ~ Psychic Life Coach and Medium at BeyondMind.Space

If you’re up for a challenge and unafraid to dig a little deeper, BeyondMind Coaching will empower you to reach your new next level or state of being.

The BeyondMind Life Coaching package consists of 9 life coaching sessions, with the aim of achieving greater self-understanding, awareness, and balance in key areas of your life.

You’ll be provided with tools and techniques that you can use again and again along different stages of your life’s journey.

Generally, life coaching sessions (50 mins duration) may be held on a weekly basis, but this may be adapted to your individual needs.

To find out more, connect with Psychic Life Coach Tanya.


New and existing clients, book your next BeyondMind Life Coaching session below:
Session schedule

If you’d like to book a life coaching session on a day/time outside of the schedule offering, email Psychic Life Coach Tanya, and we can arrange something suitable.