Psychic readings
– 20 min £20
– 30 min £30
Energy Clearing + Healing
– 50 min £60
– one session £40
– two sessions £70
– four sessions £120
– six sessions £150
Life Coaching
on request

The BeyondMind Life Coaching package consists of 9 life coaching sessions, each of 50 mins duration.

To find out more about the BeyondMind Life Coaching package, connect with Psychic Life Coach Tanya.

  • All fees are per session, excl. reduced-rate mentoring sessions
  • Each session is 30 mins unless specified
  • Payment is required in advance of each session
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    Session Payment + Schedule

    Payments via PayPal may be made to – paypal.me/inspiredtanya

    If you’d like to pay via bank EFT, please email Psychic Life Coach and Medium Tanya, and I can provide you with further details.

    Please refer to the payment terms here.

    Session schedule

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    If you’d like to book a session on a day/time outside of the schedule offering, email Psychic Life Coach and Medium Tanya, and we can arrange something suitable.