With great respect to Life, both incarnate and disincarnate, my intent behind mediumship is as a means of healing.
Tanya ~ Psychic Life Coach Medium Mentor at BeyondMind.Space
If grief or unresolved emotions have got you feeling stuck, it will be a great honor to guide you, and assist in being a channel to the Spirit Realm.

My speciality is working with miscarried souls, deceased babies and children, and those who appear to have “passed before their time”.

I also work with departed souls who may have passed under traumatic circumstances; and/or where great fear may have been present at their time of passing.

During our session, we’ll determine whether your loved one may be “lost” or stuck, and if they need assistance moving forward to the next phase of their soul’s journey.

If so, and they’re not ready to move on in that moment, I will work with them outside of our scheduled session.

If this is the case, then we’ll end our booked session for me to continue at the “right” time. I will follow up with you (usually within 3 days, by email or a brief chat) detailing the outcome of our work together.

Please feel welcome to initially connect with Psychic Medium Tanya if you have any questions.

We’ll also determine whether I’m the psychic medium best suited to assist you at this moment. ☀

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Please refer to the fees section for further information.

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If you’d like to book a psychic mediumship session on a day/time outside of the schedule offering, email Psychic Medium Tanya, and we can arrange something suitable.