Psychic Email Readings

Psychic readings by email are similar to phone or online readings, except your reading will be typed up and emailed to you.

This allows you to read in your own time; and is great to reflect upon, and refer back to.

Psychic email readings are a practical option if you have limited time in your day to schedule in a phone reading.

Psychic email readings can offer general guidance, if you don’t have any specific questions.

If you’d like your psychic email reading to address a specific situation, or answer a few questions, you’re welcome to email me a brief description of the situation you’d like further guidance and clarity on.

For greater insight, you may like to provide your date of birth and a photograph of yourself.

There’s no need to schedule a session for a psychic email reading.

Psychic email readings are generally provided within 3 days after receipt of payment and your email.

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Psychic Email Reading Guidelines

For psychic email readings, the duration and cost roughly equates to the following card spreads:

🌟 3 – 4 cards or 1 – 2 questions – £20 (20 mins)

🌟 4 – 5 cards or 2 – 3 questions or more detail regarding your situation or primary question – £30 (30 mins)

If you have a question where an in-depth response is needed, there may not be enough time to answer all questions. Please prioritize any questions to those you would like an answer to first.

If you’d like a general psychic email reading, a 30 min (£30) reading is recommended.

Payments via PayPal may be made to –

Click here to email me your preferred reading (general or specific), along with your DOB and photograph.