Psychic Readings

I receive information from Spirit in a variety of ways, and I may use a specific card spread to confirm and communicate a message to you.

Remember that free will prevails, and nothing is set in stone.

Tanya ~ Psychic Life Coach and Medium at BeyondMind.Space
Even a perceived small decision, change of mind, or the influence of others, after your psychic reading may result in an altered course, with multiple potential different outcomes.

This is what makes life such an adventure!

Be open to receiving guidance in alignment with your Higher Self, as we’ll work together as one.

Trust that you’ll be provided with exactly what you need to know, which will shine Light on your path now.

Psychic readings are offered by:

– WhatsApp

Please refer to the fees section for further information.

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If you’d like to book a psychic reading on a day/time outside of the schedule offering, email Psychic Life Coach and Medium Tanya, and we can arrange something suitable.