Rise Above

Reflecting on the current state of the world and the seeming “chaos”… As humans, with the ability to cognize, make rational decisions, and learn from the past, we’ve been given a wonderful opportunity.   It’s how we respond in the face of uncertainty that gives us an idea of evolution, both personally / spiritually and […]

Earth Meditation

Earth ~   From a higher point of view, gaze upon our beautiful home.   Hold Planet Earth within your heart now.   Feel the splendor and glory of indescribable love, compassion, and reverence for all of Life.   Feel that sense of connectedness and peace of BEing at home.   Here. Now. . ~ […]

The Heart of Zen

Sitting on my first Zen retreat, questioning the breath counting technique, “Surely by counting, I’m using the mind, which is counter-productive to attempting to quieten the mind?”   This was a very different take on meditation compared to my usual Vipassana practise.  My conditioned self naturally resisted.  Afraid of something new; of change, of the […]

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