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For more than a year, I’d been feeling a bit frustrated over a transition in my life. This was the best kick up the butt… I really needed it, and I’ve already put your advice into action. Thank you. ~ KM

Really like your fresh perspective. Very inspirational! ~ JC

You bring truth into our midst, and sometimes I don’t want truth so I might get an energy block up. I appreciate you and the fortitude you stand in. I look forward to another disarming session in the spiritual boxing ring. ~ JM

You’re like the sun… always shining! Thank you for your help. ~ CF

Our sessions allowed me to expand… I learnt that I tend to be the ice queen, closed off to feeling, instead of freeing myself to the opportunity of having it all. Choosing love over fear. Loving life, choosing to expand on all levels. I would recommend BeyondMind to everyone, especially those who are feeling stuck or at a crossroads in their lives. ~ RH

As always thank you for looking at things differently. ~ GP

You have such an amazing presence, I now understand why you’re an ‘Inspired Spirit’, ‘cos we all just want to be around you! ~ NK

You are always like a fire in the snow – positivity is contagious! ~ GH

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